Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Web 2.0

I had fun playing with the "Farecast" site. I know a lot of people who have used online sources to book trips and hotels, but I have never used them. It was interesting. I will use this resource in the future when deciding on travel plans. Maybe 2010??

I went onto and found a great recipe for an after school snack: Cherry-Almomnd Snack Mix.

I read in the herbs and supplements section that there is supportive evidence that ginger reduces the severity and duration of chemotherapy-induced nausea. I thought this was interesting. I would personally be skeptical of taking herbal supplements, but it might be worth asking a doctor about.

In the 10 foods that should be in every man's fridge I did not know taht frozen OJ has more vitamin C content than the carton.

So much info, so little time!

I really liked the site I searched Bucks Couty and found that there is going to be a "Jim Hensons' Fantastic World" exhibit at the James A. Michener Art Museum. I want to make this one!

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